Today - 28th February 2017 marks an important milestone in wood burning stoves thanks to the Ec...


Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 09.14.46Today – 28th February 2017 marks an important milestone in wood burning stoves thanks to the Ecodesign Ready scheme, initiated by the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance). The official launch of this European-wide programme to lower emissions, takes place at the Houses of Parliament today. 

The SIA commented – “Air quality is important to all of us. Even though wood burning is a relatively low source of emissions, the SIA feels it is important to reduce emissions from wood burning stoves even further.”

A label (left) has been created, which will be added to stoves, which are Ecodesign ready. This will help raise awareness of the scheme, and clearly indicate to people they own a high efficiency stove, which is Ecodesign ready.

The scheme is being overseen by HETAS, which will independently verify that the stoves pass the Ecodesign tests. HETAS is the official body recognised by Government to approve biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services, including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses.

Charlton & Jenrick’s Ecodesign Ready Stoves:

Charlton & Jenrick invested in the design and development of the Purevision range of Ecodesign ready stoves as long ago as 2013, to prepare for future tightening of regulations. In doing so new combustion optimisation ideas and techniques were perfected resulting in a patent covering the tertiary air inlet system, and several other innovations, which were added within the products. The result was three initial fireboxes available in six inset and freestanding formats, which all passed the Ecodesign criteria nine years ahead of official introduction of these tough new rules, which consumers and the environment can benefit from right now.

The range has since expanded to include classic cast iron clad models plus a slim line and cylindrical model under development. All models have been amongst the very first to be registered with the new SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme as demonstrated on the HETAS appliance listing website.

Our Managing Director Peter Mintoft commented,

“As any stove development engineer will testify, achieving all the Ecodesign criteria simultaneously for log burning fireboxes is a very difficult task indeed. For example the objective of 0.12% average CO or below during 3 consecutive burn cycles is a reduction of 88% from current permitted levels, and every aspect of a firebox from the details of the tertiary air inlets, to the air wash and even firebox shape itself has an influence on the burning performance, and must therefore be optimised. This is time consuming work taking many hours of thought, design, iteration, samples and hundreds of further hours of testing and modifications to perfect. The results for the environment, and the stove user are great news, but it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly!”

Many other ideas are being worked on continuously to further bolster the Ecodesign compliant range of wood burners offered by Charlton & Jenrick and keep abreast of market developments in the future.

From 2017, the industry’s main manufacturers, including Charlton & Jenrick will ensure that all newly-designed wood burning stove models will meet European environmental standards for particulate emissions, which are not due to be enforced until 2022.

The Benefits of a High Efficiency Stove:


  • You only pay for the wood you burn – no gas bills or standing charges to worry about
  • Burning wood in a highly efficient stove is virtually carbon neutral
  • It’s a renewable energy source
  • They produce a wonderful flame
  • Plenty of heat output from modern stoves
  • They make a wonderful, welcoming feature in a home

So there is no reason to delay installing a stove – future-proof Ecodesign compliant models are available today! View our Purevision Ecodesign compliant models online.


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