With the exciting launch of Ecodesign Ready Stoves we have spoken at some length about our Pure...


PUREVISIONWith the exciting launch of Ecodesign Ready Stoves we have spoken at some length about our Purevision stoves, which are of course Ecodesign ready.

The Purevision HD range comprises six models, three freestanding and three inset with stand and log store options available for the freestanding versions and three or four sided trims for the insets. There are a range of Purevision stoves, which are designed for the differing tastes and preferences of our customers.

Apart from their Ecodesign status, what else makes them so good? Below is an overview of Purevision, and what helps make them such popular stoves in the Charlton & Jenrick range.

1. Clean aesthetic design blends seamlessly with traditional or modern room and fireplace designs. 

2. Very large glass windows on all models for the best possible viewing of the HD flames.

3. Automatic air distribution from a simple stainless single-lever control. 

4. Powerful airwash system creating a clean High Definition (HD) fire view. All Charlton & Jenrick stoves offer an airwash technology design, which helps keep the window of a fire clean and reduces tar build up. This means less time cleaning and more time enjoying a beautiful flame window.

There is nothing worse than having a black, tarred up window to spoil the effect of a wood burning stove. Airwash helps reduce this problem to ensure you can enjoy your wood burning stove, not only as a heating source but also as a beautiful visual point in a home.

5. Self-latching, self-adjusting door latches for ease of use. These latches adjust as the door seals wear over time. 

6. Optional flexible external air system for direct connection to outside, which can help eliminate the need for fixed exterior ventilators in the room. 

7. High quality cast ceramic firebox liners that offer great durability and are self cleaning.

8. Rotary riddling grate.

9. Full-sized cast iron door.

10. Identical door designs on the freestanding and inset models.

11. Optional stands and log stores for the freestanding models.

12. Top and rear flue connections for the freestanding models, for flexible sitting and easy installation.

13. Adjustable feet on the legs of freestanding stoves and on log stores. 

14. All freestanding models require only a 12mm superimposed hearth extended underneath and 230mm in front of the stove.

15. DEFRA exemption for burning wood in smokeless zones. According to the Clean Air Act, wood should only be burnt in Defra exempt appliances, like those found in the Purevision range, in smoke control areas like London. 

16. Full multi-fuel capability as standard.

Many of these benefits are uniform across the entire Charlton & Jenrick range. For more information on our Purevision range of fires please visit http://www.charltonandjenrick.nl/brands/purevision/about-purevision/


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